BOS Forestry

 BOS Forestry is a suite of software solutions designed for the Forest industry to manage harvesting operations, production and sales of lumber to domestic and international markets.

Users benefit from an end-to-end solution that streamlines business processes and will support exporting log and lumber information to other company systems and Trading Partners.

Our Forestry Software Products

BOS Scaler

BOS Scaler is a comprehensive scale site application approved by the BC Ministry of Forests HBS System.  Integration with handhelds and the BOS Supply logging contract management system, provide a powerful solution for managing harvesting operations.

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BOS Supply

BOS Supply manages the core business functions of harvesting operations, tracking wood supply for payments to contract loggers and truckers, timber sales and purchases and uploading weigh scale and piece scale data.

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BOS Sales

BOS Sales supports the lumber manufacturing process from capturing production of finished lumber packages for Customer Orders or Inventory for sale, through to managing domestic and international shipping.

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BOS Trade

The BOS trade Portal provides BOS and other industry users with access to their load information. Trade users can keep track of their Bush and Yard load details to eliminate the need to wait for scale tickets for settlement.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Our organization has been working with BOS Forestry for over 10 years.  They have and continue to be a pleasure to work with.  ..Their software is an integral part of our business process ands has proven to be very good investment.  I would highly recommend the service of BOS Foresty.

Krtytal Seed
Chief Financial Officer


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