provides best-in-class  software for weigh scale sites

Scaler is a Ministry approved weigh scale system certified for use with the MOF Harvest Billing System(HBS).  Scaler records all scale data information necessary to transmit directly to HBS and export contract settlement data to Supply. Most industry handheld export piece scale data to Scaler for reporting and managing quality programs.

Scaler – Features

  • Tightly integrated with Trade for analysis and ad-hoc reporting
  • Automatic weight and cycle time analysis between scale sites
  • Weigh scale interface connects to all modern weigh scale systems
  • Piece tally interface reads log tally information from a variety of 3rd party handheld vendors
  • Scaler includes a powerful relational database designed to make data easily available
  • Multi-printer support for reports, load slips and safety sheets.  Tickets can be printed on multi-part forms or laser perforated sheets.
  • Intrerfaces with Supply to synchronize settlement information and import validation rules
  • Complete inventory system that handles yard transfers, mill consumption and periodic adjustments.
  • HBS data  submission components transmit to HBS seamlessly without the need to login to the HBS website.
  • Monitors truck overweights and automatically adjusts calculations for seasonal tolerances
  • Includes management components and a full audit trail for Driver Orientations and renewals

Scaler manages Arrivals and Departures of all load types

Scaler manages Arrivals and Departures of all load types including quota wood from company timber marks, purchased logs, weighing of other mills logs as a service and sales of logs from company log yards. Scaler imports piece scale data directly from handheld computers to facilitate the flow-through of specie, volume, length waste, defect, grade and quality information for settlement purposes.

Scaler also tracks Company and Ministry of Forests sample scalings using the new Standardized Sample Selection Method. Supply synchronizes timber marks, supplier and customer information with Scaler to reduce double entry, errors and streamline monthly processing of contractor payments, log trading, sales and purchases.  Load data entered through Scaler can be downloaded from the Trade web service by Trucking companies, Loggers, Log Vendors and Scale site owners.