Woodflow logistics and real-time analytics

Trade provides forest industry trading partners, including sawmills, contractors, log vendors, scale sites and trucking companies with a customizable internet based portal to monitor, analyze and download log load details. In addition to automating collection of Bush and Yard sales data from remote scale sites, this portal improves business-to-business efficiency through integration with our Scaler and Supply applications. If you already have a Trade account, you can Login here.  If your company does not have an account, you can create a Trade account in less than 2 minutes.  Trade is a subscription service billed via PayPal or by invoice.  Please feel free to create a no-obligation 30-day trial account for your company.

After 30 days, you may continue to use the Trade service with a full subscription by using Paypal with any major credit card.

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Summary of Features

Monitoring and Analysis. Loads from scale sites running the Scaler software can be automatically uploaded to the Trade secure web portal in real-time (HBS XML files can be uploaded from sites not using Scaler).  The Trade portal allows users to print weigh tickets remotely as well as perform hierarchical and aggregate analysis of load information.  Trade also allows for multi-dimensional pivot analysis and charting through a convenient drag-and-drop interface.  Data can be grouped, filtered and arranged for later use or customized and exported to one of many formats like Excel (XLS), XML, Word etc.

Keep track of Bush-Direct loads. Bush-direct loads can go to many scale sites and it may be difficult to get your load data in a timely manner.  Scaler and Supply seamlessly integrate with Trade to synchronize load information to make settlement efficient and painless.

Compare Departure and Arrival weights. In addition to comparing source and destination scale weights, Trade automatically computes transit times, cycle times and loop times. For yard to yard sales, Scaler will upload arrival data to BOS Trade and download matching departure/arrival data with other mills for comparison.  Trucking overweight calculations performed in BOSScaler are part of the BOS Trade dataset for each load.

Allows for Automatic Capture of Arrival weights.  For settlement with customers, Trade users can view, export and print weigh tickets from remote scale sites within seconds of the truck leaving the scale. This solves the problem whereby a vendor needs to wait to receive a copy of the weigh ticket from the Arrival site.  Load details and sampling information is instantaneously available for settlement purposes on the Trade portal.

Allow Suppliers  easy access to Load Details. If you are a Logging Company or a Log Vendor, Trade gives you access to real-time load and sample data as well as easy to read interactive charts that show where your logs are going, scale weights, conversion factors, cycle times and more.  Data is available instantly from any computer and can be exported to your financial system.

Trucking Companies can keep Track of Loads.   Trucking companies with a Trade account can analyze their load details over any period of time and check weight, overweight, driver details, cycle times and time spent in the yard along with dozens of other pieces of information available for each load.

Stratification plans made Current.   To assist in setting up contracts for bush-direct or yard sale deliveries to remote scale sites base on the remote site’s stratification plan, Trade allows for downloads of the most current plan in any format.  Supply users can update their contracts with a single button click.

Register A new bos trade company account